What’s Included 2019

Here’s What’s Included in the 2019
Bundle of Awesomeness Mortgage Strategies

Why do I call this bundle of mortgage marketing strategies AWESOME?

Because you get $1,100 worth of  downloads, articles, charts/checklists, an e-Book and free coaching sessions!

Yep, nearly $1,100 dollars’ worth of value content and invaluable access to coaching to help you increase your leads from real estate agents, consumers and affinity sources.

Here’s what you get when you purchase this 2019 awesome bundle:

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Download – Seven Checklists

  • 9 Different Ways to Market One Piece of Content
  • 28 Things to Do If You Change Mortgage Companies
  • 33 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Mortgage Processor
  • Creating an Awesome Client Experience – Office Makeover Checklist
  • Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Referral Sources?
  • Tricks to Managing your Mortgage Practice Checklist
  • What to Consider When Hiring Your First Assistant

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Download – Facebook Posts Guaranteed to Generate Leads

  • 7 Facebook Posts to Engage with Real Estate Agents
  • 9 Facebook Posts to Engage with Consumers & Past Clients

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Download E-book

  • The Little Book of Mortgage Scripts
  • Included scripts in this e-book:
    • Answering Consumer/Client Routine Questions (14 Scripts)
    • Answering Realtor Objections (7 Scripts)
    • Lead-Generation Consumer Scripts
    • For Sale by Owner Lead-Generation Script
    • Video Scripts (5)
    • Voice Message Telephone Scripts (4)
    • Post-closing Scripts (8)

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Download – Seminar Content

  • How to Hold a Women-Only Seminar – Complete Outline
  • How to Create a New-Construction Boot Camp for Realtors – Complete Outline
  • Helpful Tips for New Realtors – Outline and links to training tools

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Download – Done4U Client Content (Email, Social Media, Blog Posts)

  • Article Title:  How to Mentally Prepare Yourself to Sell Your Home
  • Article Title:  Three Ways to Stop Identity Theft
  • Article Title:  Shopping for a Competent Tax Preparer
  • Article Title:  7 Easy Ways to Save Money This Year
  • Article Title:  Tips on Getting a Fair Appraisal for Your Home if You Are Selling or Refinancing

Download – Done4U Realtor® Content (Email, Social Media, Blog Posts)

  • Article Title: 27 Real Estate Niches for You to Think About
  • Article Title: How to Write an “About Me” Bio
  • Article Title: 10 Commandments for Sellers when Listing a Home
  • Article Title: The 6 P’s of Planning an Open House
  • Article Title: What Needs to Be in Your Realtor Emergency Kit

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Download – Mortgage Talking Points™ Flyers
(provided by MortgageCurrentcy.com)

  • Mortgage Talking Points™: Maximum Seller Contributions (all agencies)
  • Mortgage Talking Points™: Mortgage Loans for Non-U.S. Citizens (all agencies)

Download – Mortgage Rule & Regulation Checklists (provided by MortgageCurrentcy.com)

  • Gift Funds and Gifts of Equity Comparison Chart (all agencies)
  • Judgments, Liens & Delinquent Tax Policy Comparison Chart (all agencies)

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Coaching Sessions

  • Karen Deis, LoanOfficerTraining.com
    • One hour free coaching – Sales & Marketing Strategies Coaching ($250 Value)
  • Coaching – Victoria Fifield, iCanCoaching.net
    • One hour free coaching – Business Development Coaching ($350 Value)
  • Coaching – Donna Quisenberry – MyOwnEmailMarketing.com
    • One hour free coaching – Database Management Coaching ($300 Value)

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Discounts for Products & Services

  • Save 25-33% off Apartment Complex Mailing lists!
  • Save $50 off the 1st year of a NEW online subscription to Mortgage Currentcy.

Downloads will be available on this website until June 30, 2019. Please download once you have purchased the bundle to ensure you have all the documents.